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Laura Weatherford, DVM

Dr. Laura (as she prefers to be called) graduated from UC Davis Veterinary School in 1994 and practiced for the first 3 years in a busy 24-hour hospital. For the next 8 years, she worked as a relief vet giving other doctors days off. She joined Tustin Santa Ana Vet Hospital in January 2005. She is active in the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and was on the Board of Trustees for two 3-year terms. She was also the President of the board from 2018 to… She attends many continuing education events to keep current on veterinary medicine as well. Dr. Laura has way too many cats, along with her energetic Jack Russell, Flynn. She also has 4 cats currently as resident hospital cats and you can find their stories below. Her favorite past times are reading, travel and photography.

Resident Hospital Cats


Igor is our ambassador hospital cat. He came to us when he was two weeks old, and he had an abscessed eye. Our employees took care of him by taking him home and feeding him and treating him with proper medications until he grew up and got healthy. We ended up having to remove his eye when we neutered him, and he has been happy and healthy since (with the exception of gaining some weight – no worries though, he’s on a diet!). We couldn’t bear to give him away since he has known no other home his whole life. He is a friend to everyone he meets – kids, dogs, cats, and all people! Igor is currently 11 years old.


Tarzan was dumped here at the hospital when he was a kitten. When we neutered him so we could find him a home, we discovered that he has a hole in his heart. He was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect, as well as diabetes and we weren’t sure how long he would live, so we decided to keep him! He and Igor are best friends now and cuddle all the time! You’re likely to find them cuddling together in a basket that’s kept up front for them to lay in any time of the day. Tarzan is currently 11 years old.


Purrelli was brought to us as a kitten – a client had found her in the wheel well of her car! Her name is a play on the Pirelli Tire brand, she is a living testament to microchips though. She somehow got out on September 19th, 2010, but we got her back on August 4th, 2011 all thanks to her microchip! This is one reason why we always recommend to microchip your pets! Purrelli is currently 14 years old.


Cricket was brought to us as a kitten from a client with a bad upper respiratory infection. We treated her and she got better, but is still a bit nasally to this day. You can hear her coming from anywhere in the hospital due to her rhinitis. She is the sweetest cat that you will ever meet, and is friend to everyone except kittens – she is the baby after all! Cricket is currently 4 years old.

Hospital Cats That Will Be Forever in Our Hearts


Monty was a foster-fail of Dr. Laura’s. His owners were unable to take him to their new home when they were moving out of state, so Dr. Laura took him in and was a fixture on the front counter for many, many years. He wasn’t a lap cat, but he loved getting scratches under the chin and the attention he would get from our clients. We recently had to say goodbye to Monty on July 7th, 2021.


Scarlet was the first kitten that Static accepted, and let share his food and cage in the hospital. She was sweet and quiet, and not as outgoing as some of the others. She loved her catnip though! She would also sneak into any carrier left open and make herself comfortable and take a nap! We said goodbye to Scarlet on January 29th, 2019.


Static was our first mascot. He was the hospital cat before Dr. Laura joined the hospital. He ruled the back and loved to hunt – he was the only hospital cat to ever be allowed outside. Unfortunately, he came down with cancer; we did surgery and radiation therapy, as well as chemo. He did well for a while, but the cancer won in the end. This picture of him was shortly before we had to say goodbye to him on March 27th, 2012.